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Hey, you're in the vehicle / car zone--YOUR HANDYMAN ZONE!

Cars / Trucks / Vans Category: Body Appearance


Molding of the vehicle, such as found on the side of a vehicle door, has become loose and is falling apart.

Tools / Materials (See Below for Applicability):

  • Adhesive remover

  • Foam Mounting Double-Sided Tape (such as Scotch Double-Sided Mounting Tape or 3M Double-Sided Mounting Tape)

  • Masking tape

  • Rubber gloves

  • Bucket of water

  • Rags/cloths


Your vehicle's molding is falling off--in particular, it may be off one of the sides of its doors.  What do you do? Try to glue the molding back on with regular glue? No, that won't do. 

Caution: When dealing with chemicals, such as those found in an adhesive remover, make sure you take precautions; read all adhesive-remover manufacturer instructions.

To do it right the first time, you'll need to take the following steps:

  1. Carefully pull off the entire molding strip that is loose and otherwise falling off the surface of the vehicle where the molding is supposed to be securely and firmly attached; for the door molding, this concerns the pulling off of the molding on the side of the door.

  2. Using rubber gloves, apply an adhesive remover for vehicles that may be purchased at an automotive parts store or online, as may be applicable per the manufacturer's instructions of the adhesive remover, on a mildly wet rag/cloth (that's been dipped in a bucket of water), and then use this rag/cloth to scrub-wash off the existing adhesive found on the backside of the molding and then follow with the scrub-wash-off of the adhesive found on the vehicle surface where the molding is set to be reattached; if you are working on the molding of one of the doors of the vehicle, the vehicle surface to be washed off, of course, is the surface of the door with which the molding makes contact in put back into its proper place.


    On the vehicle surface where the molding is to be attached, as it previously was while its adhesion was in good condition, apply a thin strip of masking tape all along this specific molding-to-be-placed linear area so as to serve as a guide in the later reattachment of the actual molding to this vehicle surface.  Make sure that this thin masking-tape guide is as accurately positioned as possible, without any crookedness; if need be, check to see the moldings of other doors of the vehicle or any other vehicle surface similar to the vehicle surface you are working on to get the molding at hand back into its proper, secure place.

  4. Dry off the vehicle surface with another rag/cloth as may be necessary.

  5. Grab a hold of the foam mounting double-sided tape that may be purchased at an automotive parts store or online, and, without removing any film wrap to expose its adhesion, cut a length of it to the size of the molding that is to be reattached to the vehicle.

  6. Then, take the cut-to-sized foam mounting double-sided tape, again without removing any film wrap to expose its adhesion, and place it along the molding-to-be-placed linear area to ensure that it is not too short nor too long.

  7. With the cut-to-sized foam mounting double-sided tape determined to be properly cut, pull the film wrap off of one side of this double-sided tape and attach this adhesion-exposed side to the appropriate side of the molding.

  8. Next, pull the film wrap off of the other side of this double-sided tape (that's to make contact with the door) and, using the previously placed thin masking tape strip as a guide, carefully start reattaching the top portion of the molding (with the tape-adhesive-side exposed) to the corresponding top of the linear area of the vehicle surface marked for the molding, pressing the molding firmly against this vehicle surface, and continue to gradually place in position and press against this vehicle surface the rest of the molding until all of it, from top to bottom, is securely attached to the vehicle (be it the vehicle door side or otherwise) as it should be.

That's what it takes to keep your vehicle's moldings in good working order.

Ed the Handyman


Your Handyman Zone Team




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