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How to choose a replacement window that is of high quality and appropriate for your use.

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There are various types of window glass for various purposes on the market.  Just before you go out to buy replacement window glass to install as part of a window pane at your house, you should take some time to consider what type of window glass you are actually buying because not all window glass is the same in quality or design.

With the above in mind, when you are purchasing window glass, there are many aspects of a glass that you must consider in advance, and they include the following:

  • Type of the window glass you need.  Virtually all glass for window panes come in either of two strengths: 1) Single strength, which is 3/32 inches thick; and 2) Double strength, which is 1/8 inch thick.  Such windows also come in either of two grades:  1) Grade A, which is superior grade; and 2) Grade B, which is standard grade.  You will want to choose double-strength glass if such glass will be for window panes that are exposed to harsh elements, including for storm windows.  With this said, your best bet of getting the right replacement window glass is to bring a piece of the window glass that is to be replaced into the home improvement store or hardware store when in the process of purchasing the replacement window glass.

  • R-values.  Window manufacturers rate their respective windows' resistance to heat flow, and hence the term, "R-values."  A window that has a high R-value will loose less cooled (or heated) air than a window that has a lower R-value.  Thus, a good window will have a high R-value, which you should consider in purchasing a window pane/glass.

  • U-values.  As with R-values, window manufacturers rate their respective windows' conductance of heat, and hence the term, "U-values."  A window that has a low U-value will lose less heat than a window that has a higher U-value.  Thus, a good window will not only have a high R-value, but also a low U-value, all of which you should consider in purchasing a window pane/glass.

These are just some of the aspects you should consider when purchasing window glass for your house.

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