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Hey, you're in the home improvement zone--YOUR HANDYMAN ZONE!

Telecommunication Lines Category

Improvement Project:

How to install an additional phone jack extension.

Tools / Materials (See Below for Applicability):

  • Telephone extension jack box (usually comes with screws and applicable plate)

  • Phone

  • Phone cord

  • Pliers

  • Long-nose multi-purpose tool (wire cutter/stripper multi-purpose tool)

  • Power drill with the appropriate drill bits

  • Drywall keyhole saw

  • Screwdriver

  • Staples

  • Staple gun

  • Pencil



Whether it's because your teenage child wants a phone in their room (and promised them one), you transformed one of your rooms into a home office that needs a phone, or you just want another phone in another room as a mere matter of convenience, you'll need to install an additional telephone extension jack.  Some find such an installation somewhat complicated while others don't.  It will take some effort, but may be well worth it. Here, what is covered is the installation of a surface-mounted phone jack.

Caution:  Because phone wires carry a small amount of electrical current/voltage, before working on any phone, make sure the phone is disconnected from the phone interface box (that is usually located on an outside wall), and this includes disconnecting its phone wire from the telephone jack.

Installing a telephone extension jack can be done in a few steps, and here's how:

  1. Determine where in the room you want your new telephone extension jack installed, preferably along the same wall that already has a telephone cable running against such a wall, tacked down with fasteners like staples (or otherwise in the wall, requiring a drywall keyhole saw to retrieve).

  2. Tap into this telephone cable at the area of the wall where the new telephone extension jack will ultimately be installed:  Using a pair of pliers, let let loose about 1 foot of this telephone cable by pulling out the fasteners, likely staples; be careful not to pull harshly on such a cable as there are wires in there that are easily susceptible to breakage.  (If you are unable to loosen about 1 foot of cable, you'll need to install a telephone junction box for the installation of additional telephone cable, which is not covered in these steps.)

Cut this loosened cable where you intend to install the telephone extension jack, using your long-nose multi-purpose tool.

Having cut the loosened cable, with both cut-ends of this cable still in your sight, using the long-noise multi-purpose tool again, strip each of the wires of both such cut-ends of this cable of its insulation down to about a half an inch.

  1. Next, you'll need to attach the above-mentioned bare wires of both such cut-ends of this cable to the new telephone extension jack:  Take each pair of the same-colored wires (like green wires) and wrap them around the terminal of the extension jack bearing the corresponding color (green terminal).  With these same-colored wires wrapped around the same-colored terminal, immediately secure these wires to the terminal by tightening the screw of the terminal with a screwdriver.  Repeat the same-wire, same-terminal connection for each pair of wires until all pairs of wires are securely connected (essentially green to green, red to red, yellow to yellow, black to black).

  2. Once you have securely attached the color-coded pairs of wires to their respective color-coded terminals of the phone extension jack, next you will place the base of the phone extension jack at the bottom of the wall where you want it to be installed/mounted:  Initially place the extension jack base against the wall where you want it, mark the locations of the mounting screws of this extension jack with a pencil and then remove the base from the wall. 

Then, use a power drill, attached with the appropriate drill bit, to drill in pilot holes through the previously made mounting-screw pencil markings.

Then, with the telephone extension jack base back into position, flushed with the mounting holes read to be occupied by screws, take a screwdriver and screw in all the screws through the extension jack base and into the pilot holes, one by one.

Attach the cover of the phone extension jack to its now wall-secured base.

  1. Next, using a staple gun loaded with the appropriate staples, neatly and securely attach the telephone cable along the bottom of the wall, including specifically the incoming cable and outgoing cable that stem from the newly installed telephone extension jack.

  2. Finally, plug phone cord of the phone into the newly installed telephone extension jack.  (At this time, all phone lines should be re-connected, having been previously disconnected for safety concerns.)  Check the phone for the correct operability of the new extension jack.

That's what it takes to install a telephone extension jack.

Ed the Handyman


Your Handyman Zone Team





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