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 See why people fax with eFax

Hey, you're in the home improvement zone--YOUR HANDYMAN ZONE!

Telecommunication Lines Category

Improvement Project:

How to fax more efficiently.

Tools / Materials (See Below for Applicability):

  • Computer system

  • Internet service

  • Email account (Yahoo, Google, AOL, Hotmail, etc.)

  • Online faxing service


  Start faxing with eFax - the #1 Internet Fax!

These days, how faxing is accomplished has become a lot easier, both for your wallet and the effort you expend in receiving and sending actual faxes.  That is because more and more people are opting to use online fax services for a variety of reasons, and such a service is beneficial not only to the busy handyman contractor but the parent who needs to send documents every now and then.

Gone are the days of having to buy those bulky, expensive special thermal fax paper rolls, as with the use of your computer hooked up to the usual Internet, you can easily send and receive faxes using an online fax service in conjunction with usually just your ordinary email account, enjoying these and many more benefits:

  • You will never miss out on a fax because you ran out of a special thermal fax paper roll or ink, as any faxes you receive will be archived in your email account, available to be printed when you are good and ready to print it;

  • Likewise, you will never have to wait to fax because you ran out of a special thermal fax paper roll or ink, as any faxes you send do not require any and, depending on your online faxing service provider, you can electronically save your fax receipt so that you can print any fax receipt at a time when you have regular computer paper and ink to print it on your printer;

  • Inherently, without the need for the purchase of costly special thermal fax paper and ink for the usually bulky fax contraption, you save money in the long run;

  • Consequently, with the beauty of being able to electronically archive your faxes and fax receipts, faxing online is not only a cost saver but also a much "greener" alternative, as faxing online easily reduces your carbon footprint in not having to automatically print every fax receipt that comes with every fax transaction;

  • You can send and receive faxes from virtually anywhere so long as you have access to a computer and your email account, making you no longer tied to your bulky fax contraption; and

  • You can part ways with the space-consuming, bulky, antiquated contraption that is yesterday's fax machine and take on a cost-effective, local fax number that usually comes with your online faxing service or, depending on the online faxing service provider you choose, you can have your existing fax number "ported" to be the fax number you continue to use with your new online faxing service, all the while leaving behind the bad effects of faxing the old, antiquated way that burdensomely cost you a lot more time and money.

Your fax machine is really an odd sort of contraption now.  When you got it new, you were happy that you had it, but, more likely than not, now it is an eyesore:  It is probably covered with dust and has suffered all sorts of inadvertent abuse, especially after the times you "fought" with your machine in trying to get back the documents that had gotten stuck in the feeder of it now and then.  It is time to move to the days of faxing with ease, anywhere and at any time, all without being held back from doing so because you are low or otherwise out of special thermal fax paper or ink.  Yes, definitely, online faxing is the more efficient way to fax.

Ed the Handyman


Your Handyman Zone Team


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