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Roofs and Components Category: Gutters

Improvement Project:

How to install a gutter screen.

Tools / Materials (See Below for Applicability):

  • Appropriate gutter screen

  • Pliers (for cutting; find one designed to cut easily and delicately; aviation snips may be a good selection)

  • Wire brush

  • Paint thinner

  • Rag/cloth

  • Pair of scissors

  • Tape measure

  • Pencil

  • Piece of paper



A good way of helping prevent debris from clogging up your roof gutters is to install roof gutter screens on them.  With some effort, such screens can easily be installed.

Caution: When dealing with sharp objects, such as a pair of scissors, make sure you take precautions; read all product manufacturer instructions.

Installing a gutter screen can be done in a few steps, and here's how:

  1. In preparation to purchase and install a gutter screen on your gutter, you'll need to do a good job of cleaning your gutter first:  Using a wire brush, clean the area of the gutter and otherwise make sure it is free of debris.  As may be necessary, apply paint thinner on the gutter with a rag/cloth to get rid of stubborn foreign substances found on the gutter, itself.

  1. Next, use a tape measure to measure the length and width of your gutter(s), write such measurements down on a piece of paper with a pencil, and then go to a home improvement center to purchase gutter screen(s) that correctly correspond to your written-down measurements.  (Note: In measuring your gutter, you may come across interior metal lining, and in this case, measure between such metal lining, and make sure that the gutter screen you are about to purchase is able to be installed with such metal linings in place; you may have to, accordingly, cut the gutter screen into smaller pieces to fit in between such metal linings of the gutter.)

  2. Once home with the purchased gutter screen(s), use snipping pliers (for the cutting of metal gutter screens) or otherwise a pair of scissors to cut the gutter screen(s) to the size of your gutter measurements.  At this time, again, you may have to cut the gutter screen into smaller pieces to fit in between metal linings of the gutter if your gutter has such metal linings in place.

  3. Once cut, install the cut-to-size gutter screen on the gutter:  The top/north edge of the gutter screen should be tucked underneath the last row of your roof shingles and then the lower/south edge of the gutter screen--as may be applicable per the design of such a screen--should either be snapped onto the edge or underneath the edge of the gutter, itself, facing you.

  4. Repeat the above for each other gutter you have to cover with a gutter screen.

That's what it takes to install a gutter screen.

Ed the Handyman


Your Handyman Zone Team


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