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Plumbing Category: Drains and Traps


Toilet drain is clogged.

Tools / Materials (See Below for Applicability):

  • Drain closet auger (plumber's snake)

  • Drill snake (drain snake attachment that is attached to a power drill)

  • Power drill

  • Rubber gloves

  • Trash bag

  • Bucket

  • Plunger (use the ball-type plunger over a regular, non-ball-type plunger, as a ball-type plunger creates more suction pressure)

  • Toilet cleaner, like Clorox® Toilet Bowl Cleaner by The Clorox Company, or other detergents like Ajax® Disinfectant Bowl Cleaner by Phoenix Brands, LLC.

  • Kaboom Scrub Free Refillable Continuous Toilet Cleaning System



Probably the most common bathroom clog is a toilet clog, and, if a toilet plunger doesn't do the trick of unclogging your toilet, then you'll have to do a bit more work in order for the annoying clog to go away.

Caution: When dealing with drainage maintenance, such as snaking a drain, make sure you take precautions, including wearing rubber gloves; read all product manufacturer instructions.

Unclog your toilet in a few steps, and here's how:

  1. Insert a drain closet auger or drill snake (attached to a power drill) into the bowl of the toilet to remove the clog from the toilet; follow the drain auger or drill snake manufacturer's instructions in snaking the toilet drain until the clog is reached and removed: Turn the handle clockwise to feed the auger snake of the closet auger into the toilet drain until you reach the clog, at which point you'll want to move the closet auger back and forth in the bowl to try to break up the clog, and then you'll want to turn the handle of the closet auger counterclockwise to consequently cause the end-tip of the auger snake in the bowl/drainage to snag and drag any remaining substantive clogging substance out as part of your removal of the closet auger from the bowl; be careful to have a trash bag or bucket on hand to contain the mess as you retrieve and recoil your auger snake/plumber's snake and discard the clogging substance.

  2. To ensure that you maintain a clean, safe toilet, after snaking the toilet drain, clean the toilet, primarily its bowl, using a toilet cleaner; read the bathtub cleaner manufacturer's instructions.

Speaking of toilet cleaning:  Are you tired of having to constantly clean your toilet on your own? You might want to try the Kaboom Scrub Free Refillable Continuous Toilet Cleaning System that is advertised as a simple product that installs in your toilet tank in less than a minute without hampering your toilet in any way.  As featured on T.V., this Kaboom system is a self-cleaning toilet system that constantly cleans your toilet for about 3 months. 

That's what it takes to unclog a toilet drain.

Ed the Handyman


Your Handyman Zone Team


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