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Hey, you're in the home improvement zone--YOUR HANDYMAN ZONE!

Furniture Category: Mattress

Improvement Project:

How to buy the right mattress topper for you.

Tools / Materials (See Below for Applicability):

  • Mattress topper that is fitting for you

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Today, more than ever, there are a great variety of mattresses from which to choose in order to satisfy even the most selective consumer: From the most common innerspring mattresses, waterbed mattresses, airbed mattresses, adjustable-bed mattresses to even foam mattresses, and everything in between (like straw mattresses).  The reason for such an increased availability of many types of mattresses is due to advanced technology.  Just as electronic gadgets have come to be improved upon (e.g., a videotape camcorder is now replaced by a digital, tapeless camcorder), so have the mattresses on which we have come to sleep.

But with more technologically-advanced mattresses come more costly mattresses as well.  Though, thankfully, you do not have to shell out a wad of cash to buy a whole new mattress in order to enjoy remarkable mattress improvements for a better night’s sleep.  In fact, your existing mattress may come to utilize the latest improvements in mattress technology with the addition of just a pad that is placed on top of it.  This pad is usually called a mattress topper, and, like with new mattress options, the availability of mattress toppers is just as varied.

The most common and popular types of mattress toppers include the following:

  • Memory Foam (such as the Tempur-Pedic line)

  • Feather/Down

  • Wool

  • Heated/Electric

  • Magnetic

  • Waterproof

  • Waterbed

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The memory foam mattress topper is the ultimate type of topper for supportive sleeping:  It provides a person who sleeps on it with just the right amount of support that is perfectly contoured to the shape of one’s whole body.  Such a mattress topper, therefore, is great for those suffering from back, neck or other body pain issues, and is great for just the usual person who finds that he or she spends most of his nights tossing and turning in bed.  A great brand of memory foam mattresses is Tempur-Pedic.  For those more inclined to stick to natural bedding materials, as opposed to the non-natural memory foam, but still want that supportive sleeping, they can try latex foam mattress toppers.


The feather/down mattress topper is ideal for those seeking softness.  The feathers or down material has the effect of reducing the amount restless turning in bed because such a material offers a cozy, comfortable feel.  Such a topper, though, is not ideal for those with back pain or back-posture problems, as such a topper does not provide the more firm support you would need in such a situation.

The wool mattress topper, like the feather/down mattress topper, is ideal for seeking softness.  What seems apparent is that, unlike feather/down mattress toppers, wool mattress toppers tend to retain their shape for a long time, requiring just an occasional jiggle of the topper to get it back into its original shape.

The heated/electric mattress topper provides relaxing, comfortable warmth from underneath your bed sheet.  With such a topper, you can reduce your heating bill cost by being able to turn down your heating thermostat while still being able to enjoy a cozy night sleep at just the right temperature, even though it may be frigid outside.

The magnetic mattress topper, as claimed by manufacturers, offers relief to those who suffer pain and injuries, especially sports injuries.  The magnetic mattress topper concept, in fact, derives from the idea of magnetotherapy, a kind of alternative-medicine therapy that focuses on the use of therapeutic magnets to help purportedly relax muscles, and reduce body pain and inflammation, including arthritis.

The waterproof mattress topper does exactly that: It provides waterproof protection to your mattress from any sort of spills, be it from a beverage that tips over onto the bed or from bodily fluids inadvertently released by a child or elderly person while in bed.  Therefore, if you are looking to protect the investment of your costly bed, a waterproof mattress topper may be just the safety measure you need to fulfill such a desired protection.

The waterbed mattress topper is a must for those who have waterbeds.  Such a topper acts a protective barrier between the delicate (usually vinyl-based) waterbed mattress, itself, and the elements that may cause it ultimate harm, such as dirt, dust and even skin-body shedding.  In addition to providing this protection, such a topper also provides general comfort other toppers provide, though, of course, getting a waterbed mattress topper for comfort should not be the primary reason for getting one.

The above provides the most common types of available mattress toppers, together with the respective usage purpose of each kind.  Choose wisely by getting a topper that is designed to suit your sleeping needs.  Now informed, take charge and shop for your mattress topper.

Ed the Handyman


Your Handyman Zone Team


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