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Flooring Category: Asphalt Flooring


Asphalt surface has a car oil stain.

Tools / Materials (See Below for Applicability):

  • Granular detergent, like Ajax® by Phoenix Brands, LLC.

  • Garden hose (hooked up to faucet for water use)

  • Hot water (obtain from putting a bucket in the bathtub, running hot water)

  • Bucket

  • Stiff-bristled brush



There's an annoying, unsightly oil stain that has ruined the decent asphalt surface you have on your property.  Though ugly, the stain is still too insignificant to want to repave the surface with new asphalt, let alone bear the cost of the actual repavement.  So, alternatively, instead of having to live with the stain, you may opt to try to use commonly available detergent, water and your own sweat and effort to get rid of it as best as you can. 

Caution: When dealing with chemicals, such as those found in detergents, make sure you take precautions.  Caution: When dealing with chemicals, such as those found in asphalt, make sure you take precautions.  When dealing with hot substances, such as hot water, make sure you take precautions; read all product manufacturer instructions.

Removing an oil stain on an asphalt surface can be done in a few steps, and here's how:

  1. Get a bucket of hot water and bring it to the stained area (along with all other necessary tools/materials); you can usually get your hot water from your house bathtub.

  2. Sprinkle an adequate amount of granular/powder detergent over the stained area, and, in worst-stain circumstances, actually saturate the area with such a detergent; read the detergent manufacturer's instructions.

  3. Next, gently sprinkle some hot water over this stained surface (now covered with detergent), and immediately get to work:  Using a stiff-bristled brush, brush against this stained surface, working the detergent into this stain with hot water; splash some of this hot water from the bucket as necessary to make sure you're not just necessarily working with dry granular detergent.

  4. Continue to scrub away with the brush, as stated above, and after you find yourself having scrubbed really hard against all of the stain-affected area, suspend the brushing and allow what is there--detergent residue and all--to "settle" for a couple of hours.

  5. Afterwards, come back with a garden hose and use it to rinse off the area you've been working on until all detergent and other applicable residue wash off.  The oil stain, or as much of it that will ever come off, should be off by now and otherwise not be as visible as before.  Though, if the oil stain is still there or you otherwise feel necessary to do it again, repeat step 3.

Stains ruin everything, and the same goes with oil stains on asphalt surfaces.  With some sweat and effort, hopefully, you'll be able to remove the oil stain that makes your asphalt surface unsightly.

Ed the Handyman


Your Handyman Zone Team


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