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How to choose a good door among many for purchase, including what you need to remember.

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There are various types of doors for various purposes on the market.  Just before you go out to buy a door to install it at your house, you should take some time to consider what type of door you are actually buying because not all doors are the same in quality or design.

With the above in mind, when you are purchasing a door, there are many aspects of a door that you must consider in advance, and they include the following:

  • Remember what side of hand is your interior/exterior door.  Whether buying an exterior or interior door, it is universally imperative that you are conscientious and considerate of whether your doorway requires either a left-handed or right-handed door:  The door is left-handed if the doorknob is on the left as the door opens toward you; the door is right-handed if the doorknob is on the right as the door opens toward you.

  • Solid doors.  For especially exterior entrances exposed to the outside of your house, it is best to purchase a solid door as opposed to a hollow door.  Hollow doors are more susceptible to being broken apart than solid doors.  (If you must have an exterior door that is hollow, at the very least, you should install a deadbolt on it as close to the doorknob lockset as possible, since this is the area most reinforced in hollow doors.)

  • Prehung doors.  You should favor buying a prehung door, one that includes quality weatherstriping, to make your installation of the door easier and more efficient.  (Otherwise, having to buy the framing separately will take more time and effort, not to mention additional costs.)

  • Doors without window expanses.  If you are energy-efficient and security conscientious, you should stay away from purchasing a door that has a huge glass expanse.  Such doors do not have an insulating effect as that of doors with a straight, solid finish, containing no glass.  Furthermore, as it may seem obvious, glass expanses may be easily broken and, thus, pose an easy way for a potential intruder to make an entry into your house. 

These are just some of the aspects you should consider when purchasing a door for your house.

Ed the Handyman


Your Handyman Zone Team


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