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Hey, you're in the home improvement zone--YOUR HANDYMAN ZONE!

Cooling and Ventilation Systems Category:

Evaporative / Swamp Coolers

Improvement Project:

How to shop for cooler parts in a wise, efficient manner.

Tools / Materials (See Below for Applicability):

  • Sheet of paper

  • Pen



In order to efficiently and wisely shop in preparation for the use of your cooler when you need it the most during hot days, buying necessary cooler parts to keep your cooler working, it is important to have a handy list that contains certain information about your particular cooler in order to determine what exact parts are right for your cooler.  Specifically, you should take some time, preferably before your cooler's pasted informational labels become unreadable over time, to write down the following information on such a handy list:

Caution: When dealing with any device that requires electrical power, make sure you take precautions before you work on it, including disconnecting the power.

  • The make and model of your cooler;

  • The type of cooler you have (be it a multiple-inlet downdraft, multiple-inlet sidedraft, single-inlet draft, single-inlet window-mount draft, or a portable draft cooler);

  • The dimensions of your cooler, including the width (i.e., one side of the cooler), depth (i.e., front side to the far other side that's considered the back), and height (i.e., from the bottom of the pan to the very top of the cooler);

  • The size(s) of your cooler pads (height and width dimension of the inside of the pad door frame);

  • The size of your cooler belt (on the belt, you'll see a number like this 4L-610; discounting the 0, this string of numbers tells you that the subject belt is 61"; if this string of numbers has worn off, just take the belt in to a home improvement store to find a comparable replacement, or find a comparable replacement online);

  • The size of your cooler shaft (it usually has a diameter of 3/4 to 1");

  • The size, speed and voltage of your cooler motor (size is from 1/3 hp [blower house has a width dimension of about 14"], 1/2 hp [blower house has a width dimension of about 18" or 20"], or 3/4 hp [blower house has a width dimension of about 20"]; speed is either 1 speed or 2 speed; voltage is 110v or 220v);

  • The size and voltage of your cooler pump (measurement in CFM's, standing for Cooling Feet per Minute; a blower house with a width dimension of about 14" will need a pump that has an output capacity of 3000 CFM, a blower house with a width dimension of about 18" will need a pump that has an output capcity of 4000 to 4,800 CFM, and a blower house with a width dimension of about 20" will need a pump that has an output capacity of 5,000 to 6,500 CFM);

  • The amount of spread-out water tubes/spider spout of your cooler "spider" (it is called a spider because this component mimics the body of an 8-legged spider with the amount of water tubes spread about to distribute water to all the cooler pads, usually at most 8 tubes, and the fewest of 3 tubes).

Have this list of all of this cooler information with you to easily identify the exact products off the store shelf or online that you are in need of to keep your cooler working correctly.  Of course, should you not have this handy list, you will still be able to get whatever parts you need for your cooler, however, it will take a bit longer--though, this happens often, so sales associates of your local home improvement store or sale associates of online hardware stores should be able to help you get the right parts even without this handy list.

Ed the Handyman


Your Handyman Zone Team


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