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Cooling and Ventilation Systems Category:

Evaporative / Swamp Coolers

Improvement Project:

How to reduce mineral growth deposits on your cooler pads, which hinder cooler efficiency.

Tools / Materials (See Below for Applicability):

  • "Bleed-off" system

  • Mineral-reducing magnetic field device (like The Water Whiz by Dial Manufacturing, Inc.)

  • Mineral-reducing purge/water-exchanging pump or valve (like the Mighty Clean by Aspen Snow-Cool or CleanMachine by AdobeAir, Inc.)



As part of the normal course of a cooler's operation, minerals from the water that flows through the cooler grow into obstructive deposits, particularly around the cooler pads, which, in turn, cause the cooler pads to lose their ability to retain water and ultimately allow it to evaporate for a cooling effect.

There are several ways to greatly reduce this detrimental mineral-deposit growth.  One way, which is common, though not necessarily recommended by all professionals and water conservationists, is to use a "bleed-off" system, which acts to constantly draw out--i.e., "bleed off"--and replace a small quantity of water that goes through the cooler system with fresh water, thereby reducing an aging water-reservoir environment conducive of mineral build-up.  Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the proper installation and usage of such a bleed-off system.  Though, it must be noted that, inherently, this bleed-off method can potentially cause the use of a lot of water, more so than any other method.  Of these other methods, they include the use of a mineral-reducing magnetic field device and a mineral-reducing purge/water-exchanging pump or valve.

The mineral-reducing magnetic field device, as another method, involves the polarization of the minerals found in the water of the cooler pan that enters the cooler system so as to cause the minerals to physically separate from each other and off cooler components with the intended purpose of eliminating mineral-growth deposits.  Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the proper installation and usage of such a mineral-reducing magnetic field device.

The mineral-reducing purge/water-exchanging pump (or valve) involves the automatic drainage of the mineral-concentrated water in the cooler system, particularly the cooler pan, with fresh water every several hours, depending on the time period set for the water to be drained.  Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the proper installation and usage of such a mineral-reducing purge/water-exchanging pump (or valve).

The "bleed-off" system, mineral-reducing magnetic field device and mineral-reducing purge/water-exchanging pump (or valve) can usually be purchased at a home improvement store or online.

Taking this mineral-reducing preventative measure will help operate your cooler more efficiently and effectively.

Ed the Handyman


Your Handyman Zone Team


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