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Cooling and Ventilation Systems Category:

Evaporative / Swamp Coolers

Improvement Project:

How to increase cool air draft/air flow into your house.

Tools / Materials (See Below for Applicability):



When you feel that your cooler is not blowing enough cool air into your house, most probably contrary to your first instinct, there's really no complex solution to what seems like an air-flow-insufficiency problem.

In order to understand the practical and simple solution anyone can do to immediately cause an increase in cool air draft/air flow, one must understand the simple operating principle of a cooler.  A cooler, unlike an air conditioner, utilizes the fresh air outside by channeling it into cooler pads where such air is cooled and then funneled throughout the house via the air duct system. 

With such cooled air coming into the house through the air duct system, there must be enough room in the house for such cool air to fully reach all aspects of the house without resistance.  The common resistance this cool air meets is the relatively hot air that has been in the house for some time.  So, in this respect, an exit must be created for the existing hot air in the house to leave in order to open up "space," and in effect eliminate any resistance, for the cool air to occupy.

This brings us to the practical and simple solution:  It is all a matter of cracking open a window or causing a door to be ajar/slightly open.  Specifically for a window, you can open a window just a bit and then use a screw-on window lock to be placed right behind the frame of this opened window to prevent the window from being further opened for security purposes.  When causing a door to be ajar, this is most applicable in situations in which a house's entrance is made up of two doors--usually an exterior wrought iron security door followed by an interior wood door; this wood door would then be the one preferably caused to be ajar (with a relatively soft object, like an empty 16-oz. water bottle or soft squishy object placed between the door and its door frame) and the exterior door would remain closed and locked for security purposes.

With a cracked-open window and/or a door that is ajar, you have, in effect, created the exit needed for the relatively hot to leave and be replaced with the cooled air from the cooler:  Specifically, in operation, the cooler will funnel the cooled air into the house through the air duct system, and this cool air will then force the existing relatively hot air out of the house through the cracked window or ajar door.

So, next time when you feel the need to have your cooler increase the cool air flow/air draft in your house, remember it's a matter of cracking open a window and/or slightly opening a door.

Ed the Handyman


Your Handyman Zone Team


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