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Hey, you're in the home improvement zone--YOUR HANDYMAN ZONE!

Cabinetry / Shelving Category


Surface of cabinetry is damaged (punctured, scratched, gashed / gouged, etc.).

Tools / Materials (See Below for Applicability):

  • Wood pieces that are comparably similar to (or, if lucky, exactly the same as that of) the cabinetry scheme in need of surface repair

  • Saw

  • Fasteners most compatible with given cabinetry scheme (i.e., screws, glue, dowel pins, etc.)

  • Power drill

  • Screwdriver

  • Epoxy wood repair set  (such as by Bondex or DAP manufacturers)

  • Sandpaper

  • Paint / Wood staining product comparably similar or exact to cabinetry scheme

  • Paint brush

  • Touch-up wood stain felt tip pen (such as Bondex Wood Stain Pen or DAP Wood Stain Pen)


The cosmetic feature of the cabinetry must be cared for just as you would with the structural feature of the cabinetry, as partly covered in Drawer body/frame is broken.

Depending on the extent of the damage (scratches, punctures, gashes, gouges, dents, etc.) done to the surface of the cabinetry, there are various solutions available for you to apply.

For minor scratches, do the following to conceal them:

  1. There are various wood stain felt tip pens made specifically for touch-up tasks such as for the concealment of scratches, including the Bondex Wood Stain Pen or DAP Wood Stain Pen (that comes in the DAP Wood Finish Repair Kit).  Such wood stain pens come in various colors, from dark to light colors; choose one that best matches the color of your cabinetry scheme by first trying it out in an area of the cabinetry that cannot be seen.

  2. When you have your chosen wood stain pen in hand, use it like any regular felt tip marker by stroking it over in the direction of the scratch until it is covered.  If done right, it should look relatively better.

For punctures, gashes, gouges, dents, etc., do either of the following--2 Solutions:

Solution 1

  1. If you had your cabinetry installed in your house, you may have salvaged some of the wood pieces of the cabinetry that were cut as excess material during the installation because you were thinking ahead for fixer-upper times like this one. (If you didn't, don't despair, as there is another solution for you below.)  Of the wood pieces you have salvaged, find one that is about the size of the puncture/gash/gouge/dent, and if need be, use a saw to match the size.

  2. Then, once you have cut to size your wood piece as may have been necessary, fasten this wood piece to the puncture/gash/gouge/dent with either screws (using a power drill to drill the pilot holes followed by the use of a screwdriver to screw them in), glue, dowel pins or other fastener in order to best match the existing fasteners of the cabinetry.

  3. If it appears, once fastened, that the new piece attached to cabinetry seems a bit off in size and looks, sand it down to size with sandpaper and use a brush to touch it up, and in effect blend it with the existing cabinetry scheme, with compatible paint/wood stain (though try out this touch-up paint/wood stain in an area of the cabinetry that cannot be seen to make sure it is the blend you want).

Solution 2

  1. Purchase an epoxy wood repair kit, which will include an epoxy wood filler known as plastic wood (that comes in various colors to meet various cabinetry color schemes); choose one that best matches the color scheme of your cabinetry.

  2. Use the epoxy wood repair kit, specifically the epoxy plastic wood filler, to fill in any puncture/gash/gouge/dent you may have.  The use of such an epoxy will be as strong as the wood that is being repaired, plus you will enjoy the epoxy's inherit waterproof quality.

  3. Use sandpaper to sand to an even level as is necessary.

  4. Stain or paint to match as is necessary.

Ed the Handyman


Your Handyman Zone Team


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