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Alternative Energy Systems Category

No one is immune to the skyrocketing energy costs of today's world.  Therefore, you, along with the many billions of other inhabitants of this planet, are increasingly finding yourself in the position to seek alternative energies, and hence here you are.  A great many have come before you and others will follow you in the pursuit of information on alternative energy systems.  Many respected authorities have written various helpful articles on different aspects of alternative energy systems, primarily solar panels and wind turbines, and here they are conveniently sorted for your reading to help you on how to take advantage of alternative energy systems:


Solar Panels / Solar Technologies                      Wind Turbines

Of those hit hard the most by the energy dilemma are the lower and middle classes of the economic bracket in our society. 

In fact, according to the United States Census Bureau, over 35 million Americans are considered to be low-income earners, making it especially difficult for these Americans to make ends meet in today’s escalating climate of housing energy costs.  To try to appreciate this, understand these grim realities collectively identified in a publication by The National Fuel Funds Network, The National Low-Income Energy Consortium, and The National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association merely based upon general periods of 1999-2000, a time when the high energy costs then were relatively lower than in 2008: The average low-income family spends approximately one out of every five dollars of their budget on housing energy costs every year.  In other words, a middle-income family that makes an income of $50,000 a year facing the same inevitable energy-cost burden spends about $10,000 of that income solely on housing energy costs a year (such as to heat their home, prepare meals, etc.).  Suffice it to say, it’s a burden that all Americans endure, and it is, of course, more burdensome for the low- and moderate-income Americans who often live paycheck to paycheck.

With the price of a barrel of crude oil having already shown its ability to skyrocket to over $140 a barrel in 2008, in the words of the above energy watch organizations, the price of "energy stands as a massive roadblock between many Americans and self-sufficiency."  It is, therefore, in everyone's best interests to seek and utilize alternative energy systems, such as solar energy (solar panels, etc.) and wind power (wind turbines, etc.).

It's no longer just noble to be "green," it is a personal necessity for us all to be "green."

Of course, "being green" has not only created a new working class of "green-collared" workers, it has brought upon a new fashion trend: Green clothes.  It has also added to our entertainment media:  Watch the Green Planet channel for yourself, a build-off of the renowned Discovery channel.

Being green is now not only noble, but also a necessity, a job-market creator, a fashion trend, and a major part of today's entertainment media.  Join the green bandwagon because it is here to stay--since experts all agree the sustainability of our environment depends on it!

Ed the Handyman


Your Handyman Zone Team


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