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Packaging your sold items for shipment delivery.


There are many factors that you should consider when packaging your sold items for shipment delivery.  Some of the crucial ones to consider are those listed below:

  • Take advantage of free supplies whenever possible and otherwise stick with one package supplier for usually greater savings.  Especially when you first start out with your eBay business--and even when you are well off in the establishment of a good foundation of your business--you should always seek out ways to cut your operating costs--your overhead.  One way to do that is to seek out free packaging supplies. Some companies that provide mailing services, such as USPS (United States Postal Service) or UPS (United Parcel Service), offer all sorts of free packaging supplies, from free cardboard mailing boxes to labels.  Though, of course, such free supplies are usually limited to certain types of mailing services offered by the mailing company: For example, USPS offers free supplies for its Priority Mail and Express Mail mailing services.  There are also companies who specialize in the wholesale selling of packaging supplies.  Sticking to one of these companies to fulfill your package supply needs may ultimately result in savings for your business.  Of course, it goes without saying, you can also always reuse packaging materials you have come to acquire when you receive packages from others:  That means reusing Styrofoam, bubble wrap to even shopping bags.

  • The exception to the norm:  Preparing for the packaging and shipment delivery of an oversized or otherwise fragile sold item.  There are many companies that specialize in the packaging and shipping of oversized or otherwise fragile items.  Such includes the freight divisions of UPS and even FedEx.  There are other companies that even provide free pickup and insurance for choosing them to package and ship your sold item that is either oversized or fragile; one such company is Craters and Freighters.

  • Otherwise, for usual sales items, consider a flat-rate mailing option and your own postage.  A convenient and usually cost-effective method of paying for shipping is through the use of a flat-rate shipping fee.  This is because the use of a flat-rate method can usually save your eBay business not only money, but also time from having to determine the actual unique cost of shipping each sold item (as packaging size and weight differ greatly, in addition to the destination location).  Though, it is important to note in your item listing ahead of time that you will be charging a flat-rate shipipng fee so that a potential customer is made aware of this in order to avoid any sense of 'sticker shock' when it comes time to pay for such a listed item.  You can use a postal zone guide offered by the USPS to determine what zones should be charged a particular flat-rate shipping fee:  Also, using your own postage can have similar benefits:  You can print your own mailing  labels and postage stamps all from the convenience of your home/office without ever having to leave to the post office. This saves you both time and money.  Plus, some companies that legitimately sell postage stamps over the Internet usually not only offer discounts on the cost of stamps, but also include, for free, services such as delivery confirmation.

  • Insurance and delivery confirmation are usually a must to survive in this business.  As noted above, depending on how you obtain your postage stamps, you may receive delivery confirmation as a free service.  Even if delivery confirmation does not turn out to be a free service given the shipping method you choose to take, it is best that you pay a nominal delivery-confirmation service fee than to be subject to any sort of much-more-costly scam perpetrated a customer (a dishonest customer may actually claim they did not receive your package when, in fact, they have received it).  In this sense, you have to be a realist about the existence of people whose ethical standards are lacking, and, therefore, seek delivery confirmation and even insurance for each sales item that you ship.  A company that specializes in insuring packages shipped by a variety of shipping companies (from the USPS, UPS to FedEx) is U-PIC; depending on how many packages you have insured, you may benefit from discount promotions U-PIC may be having at the time.

To learn more about such packaging and shipping considerations, other articles have touched on this as well:   Visit this page.

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