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Hey, you're in the hobby / travel zone--YOUR HANDYMAN ZONE!

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Hobby / Travel:

Time to fish, when it is best.


Ed the Handyman believes one should fish whenever he or she has the time (and the weather is cooperating) because fishing should be about enjoying the outdoors and relaxing just as much or even more so than about actually catching fish.

For those intent on catching fish, the prime time to fish can be broken down into two categories: 1) Seasonal Times (Macro View); and 2) Daily Times (Micro View).

1. Seasonal Times (Macro View)

In short, fish when it is warm, like during the spring or the summer.  When it is warm, the fish are more active.  Fish are cold-blooded animals, maintaining the same temperature as that of their surroundings.  When they feel cold because it is cold, opposite to feeling warm, they lack energy and are slow-moving, and are, thus, not so prone to taking on the task of clamoring to your bait.  With this said, one would not make the most of his time if he were fishing during the cold season, or during a cold front. Fish when it is warm.

2. Daily Times (Micro View)

Prime time fishing is during the hours of dawn and dusk.

Fishing at night can bring about many types of fish eager to take your bait.  One of the most important needs of fish is the need to seek cover from predators, etc., and coming out during the night gives them this cover while being able to be active.  Further, fishing at night is ideal because all of the distractions and annoying objects in the water during the day, like boats, etc., tend not to be out and about in the waters during the night, allowing fish not to be easily discouraged from seeking food--potentially your bait.

After weather systems--rain--that do not end with floods, fish tend to come out a bit, too, so fishing right afterwards is a good time.  This is because the water tends to become a bit more murkier and discolored than usual, and fish food is usually flushed faster down--and in more abundant amounts--to fish, causing fish to lose their guard to the extent they come out of their cover and readily bite on passing food--potentially your bait.  You should not try to fish during storms, and especially not during thunderstorms storms.

Windy days are good days to fish, too.  This is because you have a trifecta effect:  The fish food--insects--are blown towards structures that line the body of water by the force of the wind; this attracts the little fish that come to eat these easy types of food; and then the big fish follow suit to eat the gathered smaller fish, etc.  With all these eager and aroused fish, a fisherman who is knowledgeable about this will be able to reap the benefits of fishing in the vicinity of such fish.

So, you should take whatever time you have to fish, and, when it comes to really wanting to reel in the big catch, you should fish around the times mentioned above.  Good fishing!

Ed the Handyman


Your Handyman Zone Team


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