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Refrigerator Category


Refrigerator has body damage (scratches, chips, blemishes, stains, etc.).

Tools / Materials (See Below for Applicability):

  • Appropriate auto body rubbing products: polishing compound and rubbing compound

  • Quick fix epoxy repair kit

  • Touch-up appliance paint

  • Fine-pointed brush (like what an artist uses)

  • Medium sandpaper (about 120 grit)

  • Bucket

  • Lukewarm water

  • Dish soap, or other detergents like Ajax® by Phoenix Brands, LLC

  • Cloths/rags, dampened

  • Dry cloths/rags



Your refrigerator has incurred damage over the years of its use that it has increasingly become an eyesore in your eyes.  There may be times at which you would like to outright replace it with a brand new refrigerator.  But if it is working well, why take on the hefty expense of buying a brand new one when you can just shell out a few bucks, along with just putting in some sweat and effort, to help restore the image of your existing hardworking refrigerator? If it works good, keep it! Just give it some love on the outside!

Restoring the outside physical appearance of your refrigerator can be done in a few steps, and here's how:

  1. First, clean the outside of the refrigerator as best as you can, particularly the damaged parts, using a bucket mixture of lukewarm water (from the kitchen sink) and dish soap or any other detergent cleaner, such as Ajax®, that is applied and scrubbed on the refrigerator with cloths/rags; read the cleaner product manufacturer's instructions.

  1. Use a dry cloth(s)/rag(s) to dry off the refrigerator as part of the initial step of restoring its physical image.

  2. Now, depending on the type of damage done to your refrigerator that you wish to remove or otherwise camouflage for the overall outside physical-appearance restoration of the refrigerator, you'll either take one or both of the following actions:  i) For scratches and chips to the outside physical coating of the refrigerator, you'll use a quick fix epoxy repair kit and touch-up appliance paint, as noted below; and ii) For stains to the outside physical coating of the refrigerator, you'll use an automotive polishing compound or, alternatively, an automotive light-duty rubbing compound.

i) For scratches and chips

To fill in and otherwise camouflage a scratch or chip found on the outside of your refrigerator, with your hands, use medium sandpaper to sand just a bit over the damaged area and then apply the hardener of the epoxy repair kit along with the appropriate touch-up appliance paint with a fine-pointed brush so as to gently cover the damaged area.  Read the product manufacturers' instructions; the epoxy repair kit and touch-up appliance paint may be found at a home improvement center, an appliance parts store, and even online.

ii) For stains

To remove or otherwise camouflage a stain found on the outside of your refrigerator,

 with an appropriate cloth, start applying an automotive polishing compound (a moderate abrasive), per the manufacturer's applicable instructions, on the stained area of the refrigerator in an effort scrub such a stain off without damaging the refrigerator's paint.  Should this product not do enough to safely, but effectively, remove the subject stain and, in effect, restore the refrigerator's surface, try the next auto body rubbing product with much more of an abrasive element, the light-duty rubbing compound, following the manufacturer's applicable instructions in applying it in just the same fashion as you applied the previous polishing compound.  Of the two compounds, once you find the compound product that works best for the removal of stains on your refrigerator, with such a product, complete the removal of the stained part of the refrigerator you started, and then go on to the removal of the other stained parts of the refrigerator to completion.

That's what it takes to restore the outside physical appearance of your refrigerator.

Ed the Handyman


Your Handyman Zone Team


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