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Refrigerator Category

Improvement Project:

How to install a refrigerator door gasket.

Tools / Materials (See Below for Applicability):

  • Appropriate refrigerator gasket replacement

  • Screwdriver

  • Nut driver (handheld or battery-operated, such as the battery-operated Bosch Litheon Pocket Driver)

  • Socket driver



Over the course of the use of your refrigerator, your refrigerator's door gasket may wear out or otherwise require replacement.  Virtually all refrigerators are designed to make replacing a door gasket a relatively simple task.

Caution: When dealing with any device that requires electrical power, make sure you take precautions before you work on it, including disconnecting the power.

Installing a refrigerator door gasket replacement can be done in a few steps, and here's how:

  1. First and foremost, prepare the refrigerator for the door gasket replacement:  Disconnect the power to the refrigerator (by unplugging its plug), and remove any food that currently occupies the door shelving that protrudes or otherwise gets in your way of replacing the existing refrigerator gasket with a new one.

  2. Next, to get to the metal retainer that secures the rubber gasket to the refrigerator door, you'll need to use your hands to get underneath the movable rubber flap of the rubber gasket.  Once you get your hands to lift up the flap of the gasket in order to expose the metal retainer, use either a socket driver, nut driver or screwdriver to loosen the screws that go through such a metal retainer that acts as a means of securing the gasket to the door.  Go down the line of the metal retainer screws in loosening them (i.e., the screws) until the gasket becomes loose enough, itself, to be completely removed from the refrigerator door. 

Important:  All you need to do is loosen the metal retainer screws that hold the refrigerator gasket in place; you should not need to completely unscrew and remove such screws.

  1. With the old refrigerator gasket removed, now you are ready to start installing the refrigerator gasket replacement:  Starting on the top of the door with your gasket replacement in hand, carefully insert the flap of the gasket under the metal retainer rim of the top of the door liner and continue the insertion of this gasket flap all around the

     metal retainer rim, on all sides of the door liner, until the whole refrigerator gasket has been placed along the whole perimeter of the door.  Make sure that this refrigerator gasket replacement is securely and evenly in place on all sides of the door liner.

  2. With either a socket driver, nut driver or screwdriver, next tighten the middle screw of the top and bottom sides of the metal retainer (which is the metal retainer of the top and bottom sides of the refrigerator door whose gasket is being replaced), and then continue on with tightening all remaining screws that are located along the perimeter of the door liner that go through the metal retainer.  The tightening of the screws of the metal retainer should just be adequate enough to secure the gasket in place.

  1. Finally, put back any food in the door shelving of the refrigerator that you may have first removed, and reconnect the power to the refrigerator (by plugging its plug).

That's how to change the refrigerator door gasket.

Ed the Handyman


Your Handyman Zone Team


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