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Hey, you're lost--that is unless you're purposely in

                                          ...the about zone--YOUR HANDYMAN ZONE!

What would possibly lead you to want to know about Ed the Handyman? You could be watching television in productively expanding your television trivia knowledge--what's popular now, hmm, American Idol, Desperate Housewives, Seinfeld (though syndicated, Ed hears it receives great ratings), Family Guy, The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, and (for the more mature--yeah, you know who you are) The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer--or scratching a lottery scratcher in the hopes of winning a lot of dough to bump yourself up into the class of the very wealthy Americans--the top 5% of the population, leaving the remaining 95% of Americans, Ed included, behind!

Well, hmm, Ed the Handyman is glad to see you drop in, nonetheless.

Ed the Handyman is a typical guy--okay, not typical enough because he actually had gotten a toy tool belt at the age of 6 years instead of the usual stuffed animal, and progressively explored and tinkered with cars and electrical devices over the years and well into his adulthood, was trained to use AutoCAD (computer-aided design and drafting of architecture and electrical applications) in his early teens, and accumulated many years of invaluable on-the-job training as an apprentice of his dad, a licensed general contractor, car enthusiast, and former mechanical machinist with an engineering and architectural background.  Ed has also taken part in numerous home and commercial building improvement projects, property rehabilitation projects, and new property developments.  In short, he enjoys creating great things with his hands, making things work, and otherwise making things better.  He finds he can enjoy doing this not only through his own hands-on work outside on the field, but also through helping others--like yourself--in posting general guides on helpful projects and otherwise fixer-upper or maintenance-attentive tasks that are often encountered by people with some questions, challenges or doubts.  Ed the Handyman, along with Your Handyman Zone Team, attempts to help you answer your questions, overcome your challenges, and give you support along the way, in addition to hopefully having you explore new ideas and activities.

With that said, Ed the Handyman and Your Handyman Zone Team welcome you to Your Handyman Zone, and hope this site serves you well in providing the information you need to accomplish any of your daily tasks and long-term projects.  Day or night, the how-to guides of the various how-to zones will be on here to give you peace of mind and maintain your sanity in the pursuit of your handy-self ventures.

P.S.  If you are a multi-tasker, and miraculously decided to scratch a lottery scratcher and won while reading this spiel, first of all, wow, congratulations, what are the chances of that! Luck must run through your blood!  A close-second thought: Pump it back into the economy--heck send it Ed's way (now, really, that's a joke, but do help the economy--that's a good thing).

P.S.S.  Got questions or comments, contact Ed the Handyman and Your Handyman Zone Team.  A response, as appropriate, will be forthcoming, though the healthy dose of sarcasm will only be included upon request.

So Remember: Hammer it out in the zone--YOUR HANDYMAN ZONE!

Your handy friends,


Ed the Handyman


Your Handyman Zone Team


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